The Love for Science

Who doesn’t want to know how things work? How they started and what brilliant thought or circumstance brought about a creation? Who doesn’t want a glimpse into the world beyond our own? And won’t anyone just love the thought that every day we get to know something new, something awesome?

When we are little, we ask “why.” “Why is the sky blue?” “Why do balls fall down and not up?” And parents hands their answers scientifically. The sky is blue due to the way light is scattered in the atmosphere. Balls fall down because of gravity. People don’t just get answers to the why’s of childhood, they also get the tools needed to keep answering them as they grow up. Tools that they use to understand the world. Tools that provides logic and sense and order to things that might otherwise seems chaotic. And although during adulthood the answer to the “whys” may sometimes be “we don’t know”, it’s really just “we don’t know yet”, the answer will eventually be found.

As an Innovator

A chemist Keine Weitergabe an Drittverwerter., Bei werblicher Verwendung Preis auf Anfrage
A chemist Keine Weitergabe an Drittverwerter., Bei werblicher Verwendung Preis auf Anfrage

The act of finding those answers, putting the methods into action is fascinating than a bit of fiction. There are astronomers who use telescopes to peer back in time. Biologists who discover new species in both familiar and faraway places and struggle to figure out how to save others from extinction. Even a non-scientist sitting at a computer can help to solve molecular structures, hunt for planets or decipher ancient Egyptian texts during lunch break. It is often, simply, fun. That is the wonder of Science. It may not solve all of problems, but it usually shows the path to the solutions. And the more people know, the more questions they find. It’s a never-ending search for answers that will continue for as long as the human race exists. It is infinite.

But it is not only that. It is also the quest for truth. There is marvel at man’s capacity to continually ask the question, “Why?” and to seek the answers existing at the edges of the universe and deep within itself. Because “just because” is not a good enough answer. It is also tragic. Masterpieces from forgotten civilizations are ravaged by time, elements and human vanity. Countless lab hours are spent in search of a medical cure that is still unknown. Computer viruses decimate invaluable data on a global scale, and scores of people braver than I gave everything they could in the name of science. And it is sexy. That one “EUREKA!” moment, when it all comes together, works like it should and validates the countless hours of research. Yes, it’s simply a behavioural reaction caused by adrenaline and dopamine, but isn’t that what it’s all about?

As an End User

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Think about how it must have been when people lived in caves. The expanse that lay between those dark ages to today’s aeroplanes and mobile phones and flushing toilets, and all the comfort of today’s life, defines Science.